Do Germs Cause Disease?

What Do People Say About Getting Sick?

“Don’t get too close, I’ve got a cold.” “My kids brought something home from school.” “I’ve got that flu that’s going around.” “Its cold and flu season, I hope I don’t catch something.” “That flu virus got me.”

You see… a lot of people think that sickness comes from the outside… that germs are lurking out there waiting to pounce on you and make you sick. The truth is that if germs can’t find a suitable place to grow and multiply they just cease to exist.

Antibiotics To The Rescue?

Antibiotics only kill bacteria. Aside from the fact that a majority of infections are involved with viruses and antibiotics are useless against viruses, there is a bigger picture here. Antibiotics have been overused to the point that pathogenic bacteria have mutated into resistant strains that no longer are killed by antibiotics. Science tells us now that the overuse of antibiotics can permanently damage the flora of the gut and your immunity.

Here’s an analogy that explains how fighting disease with antibiotics makes little sense. (Unless used for life threatening conditions)

garbage-can-2Suppose you have a garbage can in your back yard. One day you take out the garbage and you notice flies hovering all around your garbage can. You love all of God’s creatures; you just hate the flies… so you run inside, grab a can of Raid and destroy all the flies. You return to take out more garbage later in the day. What do you find? More flies. How come? Raid kills the flies that you spray, but there are always more flies. If you really want to get rid of the flies, you need to clean up the garbage. When it comes to infections, antibiotics just “spray” the bacteria; there are always more bacteria to return to the garbage.

A better approach would be to raise the health of your body so you don’t have an environment where the bacteria can thrive. Think about it… If the germ theory of disease was correct there would be no one left on earth to believe it.


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