Holiday Wellness Tips

What Can I Do To Keep From Gaining A Lot of Weight, Becoming Stressed Out and Getting Sick During the Holidays?

Research shows that the average American adult gains weight during the holiday season. The season is also the peak of the flu/cold season and a time when stress levels can reach their maximum for the year. Here are some tips for a healthier holiday season:

1. Stay Away From Foods That Cause Insulin Spikes From Loads of Rapidly Absorbed Sugars. Remember, insulin spikes cause fat deposition and can increase your hunger level. These foods include the “great whites”; white rice, white potatoes, white flour and sugary sweets. Fruit drinks and fruit juices as well as soda can be added to this list.

2. Eat Protein and Fiber With Every Meal. Protein in your meals causes your blood glucose levels to remain more steady and level. This means less hunger and more energy. Fiber slows down absorption of sugar into your bloodstream resulting in less sugar spikes and insulin spikes.

3. Fill Up On Healthy Bulk Foods. Eat lots of your “skinny” fruits, vegetables and salads at the start of your meals. This will suppress your appetite before you consume foods that may have a greater negative effect on your blood sugar and insulin

4. Make Exercise a Priority. The holiday season is especially busy and that makes it easy to skip this important ingredient to health holidays. Exercise is the perfect tonic for the stress and anxiety. Take a “family walk” after your holiday feast. Recruit a holiday walking buddy. Incorporate walking into your holiday shopping. Park at the far end of the mall or shopping center.

5. Limit Your Contact With People Who Have Had Flu Shots in the Past 21 Days. Popular flu vaccines such as the mist style nasal type can spread flu viruses for up to 21 days are they are. The CDC has admitted that these immunizations can spread the flu. Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands often with soap and water. Avoid coughing and sneezing people.

6. See Your Chiropractor Regularly. Having a nervous system that is functioning at optimum levels means that all of your organs, glands and systems are working at peak potential. This gives you better immune function and a greater ability to deal with added stress.


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