Nerve Interference & the Heart

Just How Serious is Nerve Interference?
Prior to his accident Christopher Reeve was a healthy and beloved actor best known for his portrayal of the “man of steel”, Superman. In 1995 Christopher Reeve was injured in an Publicity-Photo-superman-the-movie-20409126-1600-1080equestrian accident. The injury caused the spinal cord to be damaged resulting in a breakdown of communication to all parts of his body below his neck and leaving him a quadriplegic. In 2004 Christopher Reeve died of heart failure. His death resulted from his body systems failing from nerve system damage and loss of his body’s communication system. Like food, water, and air, a proper nerve supply is necessary for life. Without a healthy immune system he developed infections that lead to cardiac arrest.

What Would Happen If You Interfered With the Nerves To The Heart?

If you interfere with the communication of the nerves to the heart, the result is malfunction of the heart. Subluxation of spinal bones will damage the ability of the afferent (sensory) nerve and the efferent (motor) nerve to carry a proper nerve signal. This breakdown of communication will negatively impact the function of any tissue, gland or organ supplied by those nerves.

A 1995 study found that an unbalanced activation of the cardiac sympathetic nerves plays a crucial role in the development of sudden cardiac death. The subjects in this study had a history of heart abnormalities demonstrated on EKG and by Holter Monitoring but none had had a heart attack yet.

After just one month of Chiropractic care there was significant, enhanced cardiac balance. A positive trend was noted with EKG in ventricular beats, ST segment events, maximum time of ST depression aHeart in ribcagend elimination of after-depolarizations. Restoring normal nerve function restored normal heart function.
Heart disease is the #1 Killer in the United States. Who do you know that has a heart and has not had their nervous system checked lately? Subluxations interfere with the body’s communication system. Interference to communication causes a breakdown in function.

Jarmel ME, Zatkin JL, Charuvastra E and Shell WE. Improvement in cardiac autonomic regulation following spinal manipulative therapy. Cleveland Chiropractic College, 1995.


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