Getting More from Your Chiropractic

Could Your Chiropractic Care Be Even More Effective Than It Already Is?

Chiropractic is a wonderful art and science. Millions of people have benefited from the natural approach to health, vitality and wellness chiropractic care offers. There is no substitute for chiropractic care and when you need it there is nothing that benefits you as much. We do our best to provide a healthful environment and proactive schedule for your appointments to help you achieve the most you can from chiropractic care.

One of the very important factors affecting your recovery is an underlying condition of nutritional deficiency. In an environment of nutritional deficiency your body will not heal as quickly nor will your adjustments hold as long. This is why nutritional supplementation is so very valuable to you now that you are receiving chiropractic care. Your body is made up of many tissues that support and protect your nervous system such as muscle, ligaments, cartilage and bone. These structures require proper nutrients to be healthy, strong and able to adapt to the stresses of daily living. Nutritionally deficient tissues break down more easily and can lead to sprain, strains, muscle spasms, nerve pains, numbness, tingling and INJURY. One reason you may have become injured was because of an underlying weakness of your tissues… a result of nutritional deficiency. We receive all of our essential nutrients from our foods. Structural health requires many vitamin complexes, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes and co-enzymes working together to help you “hold” your adjustments and prevent future injury. Unfortunately, many foods do not have all the essential nutrients necessary to build healthy tissue. In fact, junk foods further deplete the body of essential nutrients, predisposing us to injury and degeneration of the connective tissues. That is why it is so important to eat whole foods whenever possible and to supplement your nutrition with whole food concentrates.


• Keep your chiropractic appointments.
• Make sure that everyone in your family has their nervous system checked and their nutritional status examined
• Reduce or eliminate sugar and junk foods in your diet
• Eat nutritious, organic, whole foods
• Supplement your daily diet with whole food concentrates


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