Exercise Is Not Optional

exercise-cartoonMust I Really Exercise Daily?

Many people seem to ask this question… is exercise really necessary. Exercise is not optional. If you’re interested in being healthy, you have to be physically active. As one wellness expert has put it, “we have to think of exercise as an essential nutrient.” We cannot express the best possible health without exercise. People who exercise regularly have lower risks of practically everything bad.

Regular exercise:

• Lowers risk of stroke by 27%
• Reduces the incidence of diabetes by 50%
• Reduces the incidence of high blood pressure by 40%
• Reduces risk and mortality from breast cancer by 50%
• Lowers the risk of colon cancer by 60%
• Reduces risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 40%
• Decreases depression as well as anti-depressants or behavioral therapy

What Are The Benefits of Daily Exercise?

There are many benefits of exercise you may not be familiar with:

1. Immune System Benefits: Moderate exercise boosts the activity of Natural Killer cells enhancing your natural immunity. Exercise is also critical to move lymphatic fluid throughout your body. Your lymph system has no heart to pump, only your muscles.

2. Longer Life: Experts tell us today that for every minute we exercise we live an extra 7 minutes. (Nice trade!) Moderate exercise increases the telomere length which protects your chromosomes from the aging process.

3. Better Brain: Exercise increases blood circulation especially to the brain. This is why regular exercisers have less Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise also up-regulates your neurotransmitters or brain chemistry.


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