The Science of Subluxation

What Does Science Tell Us About Vertebral Subluxation?

Subluxations are a disturbance of your nervous system that affects the function of your body. They can be either structural or neurological in nature. Structural subluxations will produce a misalignment of spinal bones or vertebrae. When a spinal bone misaligns, the distortion can narrow the nerve openings between the spinal bones and “pinch” or compress the nerve. When there are gross movements of multiple spinal bones it can cause twisting and or torque of the spinal cord, nerves or even the delicate meninges that protect the spinal cord. This results in stress to the nervous system that damages input and output from the brain. We call this a neurological subluxation.

In the 1970’s scientists at the University of Colorado demonstrated clearly the structural subluxations damage nerves. They found that pressure (equal to the weight of a dime on the tip of your finger) is all the pressure on a nerve root it takes to decrease the function of that nerve by 60% in less than 15 minutes. Additional studies revealed that in just a matter of hours the damage can be difficult to recover from or even irreversible.

Dr. Alf Brieg, M.D., a neurologist, has been a leader in demonstrating nerve system damage due to twisting, torquing and stretching. Researchers, testing hiautonomic-nervous-system-blue1s hypothesis have shown that stretching of nerve tissue and spinal cord can also disrupt the nervous system. The scientists found that just a 6% stretch of the nerve decreases its function by 70% immediately. With a 12% stretch the nerves were blocked completely and recovery was not complete.
It doesn’t really take much pressure on the nerves or stretching of the nerves to severely interfere with the control and function of your body.

Science is quite clear about subluxation. It exists… it damages your nervous system… and the longer it goes uncorrected the more likelihood of permanent damage there is. The chart above illustrates how important your nerves are for the control of all your organs and glands. Are you getting your nervous system checked regularly? How about your children?


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