What is a Subluxation?

So, your chiropractor has told you that you have a subluxation or several subluxations and you’re scratching your head trying to understand what it all means. Subluxation (pronounced sub-luk-SA’-shun) is a chiropractic term that describes a breakdown in your body’s communication pathways called the nervous system. This interference to your nervous system can be of several varieties. (1) The interference can occur because of a misalignment of a spinal bone or vertebra that narrows a nerve opening and disrupts the communication pathways of the spinal nerves or (2) the interference can occur as the result of a twisting or torque of your delicate spinal cord or its protective layers from gross mal-positioning of groups of spinal bones. The result of both types is the same… breakdown in nervous system communication between the brain and cells of your body and loss of communication from sensory organs to the brain resulting in your system operating “in the dark”.

How Do Subluxations Affect Your Body?

The brain and spinal cord are made of billions of nerve cells. These cells form a cord of nerve fibers that create the spinal cord. This cord is protected by the vertebrae of the spinal column as it extends down your back. From there the cord branches into smaller nerves that travel to billions of destinations in your body. As well as controlling and coordinating the functions of the body, the central nervous system allows us to live in our environment by adapting to the various stimuli that surrounds us every day. In order to live healthy lives, to be healthy, it is imperative to insure the nervous system functions properly and free of subluxations.

Subluxations aren’t just about spots of pain in the back, neck, or sciatica. Subluxations eventually lead to systematic dysfunction and disease. These “silent killers” often start out painless – just like cavities, cancer, and many other diseases. When faced with uncorrected subluxations, the disruption in communication causes the human body to perform poorly on every level. The immune system weakens, strength and coordination are negatively affected, body chemistry becomes unbalanced and organs may cease to function normally. Keep free of subluxation by seeing your chiropractor regularly.


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