Fat Is Not Your Enemy!

245470Isn’t Fat Bad For Us?  

The fact is fats are essential nutrients. That means they are essential to health. The brain and nervous system are 65% fat. The surface of every cell in our body is fat. Fats keep our skin healthy, support immune function and lower the risk of diabetes. Our hormones are made from fat, and fats are carriers for vitamins and minerals.

Good fats improve and normalize cholesterol levels, support a healthy heart, are necessary for a healthy immune response and are known to enhance the prevention of cancer. Fats are nutritional essentials.        

Which Fats Are Bad For Us?

In the 1980’s we were told that fat was our enemy and that it not only made us fat, but it was the cause of so much heart disease. The recommendation was to move to a low-fat diet. The problem is that fat doesn’t make you fat and fat (cholesterol, a fat) is not responsible for heart disease. (A fact that every scientist has known since 1999) Unnatural fats are very unhealthy. Our bodies have no means to deal with unnatural “bad fats,” so they get stored in our bodies and block healthy processes. Like other whole foods, fats and oils that come to us in a fresh, unrefined state are healthy. The proper extraction of the oils from these whole foods is an important step in the process of health. That’s because heat, oxygen and chemical solvents can change the natural goodness of the oils (fats) and even the best sources for oils can be ruined in processing. Good fats come from properly prepared olives, seeds and nuts, from pasture-fed animals, wild game animals, organic butter, coconut oil, wild coldwater fish and even from green leafy vegetables! Examples of bad fats are corn, soybean, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed and canola oils, margarines, hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils, and the absolute worst of them all are trans-fats. Hydrogenated fats and oils were once natural, but they have been processed using heat and chemicals in order to prolong their shelf-life for profits. The worst part about this processing is that it changes the structure of the fat to become a trans-fat. Trans-fat is made when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil… a process called hydrogenation which increases the shelf life and flavor stability of foods… purely a profit motive.

Finding the best high quality fats is easy, but you have to be careful and use common sense. Oils (fats) that are found in natural foods are GOOD. Oils (fats) that are heated, chemically processed or rancid (spoiled) are BAD.          

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