Burning Calories The Easy Way

burn caloriesNow that you have set your health goal(s) for 2013, one of the major issues we’ve heard in the office is how to “trim the fat” and so today we are presenting you with a number of simple ideas to burn more calories every day just by being conscious of how you can.  Here goes:




  1. Reducing alcohol consumption should be at the top of the list.
  2. Put your snacks in a small container rather than eating out of the “big” bag.
  3. Eat less pasta and bread.
  4. Leave something over.  You do not have to clean your plate every meal.
  5. Enjoy dessert…just have half the size portion you would have had before
  6. Get 7 hours of sleep per night.  University of Chicago research found those that slept 5.5 hours/night snacked more throughout the day.
  7. Remove soda from your diet…diet too.
  8. Reduce the consumption of nuts and nut butters.
  9. Reduce the amount of oil and fried food.
  10. Drink more water.
  11. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  12. Eat more salads but reduce the amount of salad dressing.
  13. Take a walk after meals.
  14. Be conscious of what you’re eating.

It is an uncommon notion that one’s health has direction until a problem develops.  Then, we see symptoms as our body’s way of telling us that something has gone wrong and we should take the ALERT to let us know that massive change is often needed.  And then we act or react to what is going on.  When successful, symptoms go away because we have changed the direction our health is moving in.  Real benefits accrue when we keep our health moving in the right direction.

Health Never Stands Still

You’re health and the health of your family members is always moving.  And, while like trying to see the hour hand on a watch move…it is difficult to see but we all know it’s happening.

Take steps to continue to move your health in a positive and constructive direction and then keep it moving that way!


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