Mastery Health Model Conclusion

goals_skiTo conclude the Mastery Model, you have to look at growing your health as a job.  To do so, you will need an actual job description.  What will your list of responsibilities include?

If you’re going to do the work, what do you want to get out of it?

How will creating the level of health you described two weeks ago impact other people and other aspects of your life?

What will you see that will tell you that you’ve accomplished your goal(s)?

What will you tell yourself when you’ve accomplished your goal(s)?

How will you feel when you’ve accomplished your goal(s)?

What kind of energy surrounds the accomplishment of your goal(s)?

Just in the last few weeks, how has your image of your own health changed?

Based on what you described as perfect health for you, what does it look like now?

Who else do you know that would benefit from this process?

By the way, the Mastery Model is not limited to helping people develop their own health.  It is a very useful model, with very slight modifications, to create the future you want to have in your relationships, your finances, your business and more.

We are committed to your health, happiness, productivity and quality of life!

The Mastery Model is so named because it is a model to help anyone master just about anything.  Our purpose in presenting it to you is for you to truly have the very best year possible.  And, we want to be with you every step of the way.  Our very best practice members have learned that while our services were very useful in helping them get past a problem they had but didn’t want, we shine in helping people gain what they want and don’t have… namely peak health!!

So, How Are You Doing?

We’ve found that the people that have been taking this approach seriously and fully answering the questions posed are already taking great strides in moving their health in the right direction and you can too.


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