Resolutions Into Results Part II

January-health-imageEarlier this week, we discussed what you would do to grow your health this year.  To continue, we will follow up with growing your WHY which will keep you self-accountable to do what you know will bring you greater health throughout 2013.

So, specifically, what would be so good about you accomplishing your stated health goals this year?

Is there anything that you can think of that you will need to know how to do in order to get where you want to go?

What will need to get done?  How will it need to get done?

How close are you to your ideal picture of health?  How quickly do you believe you can get there?

What weaknesses will have to be overcome?  What strengths do you have that will help?  Are there any other obstacles that you can foresee that you will have to overcome?

What interim goals can you create and how will you reward your accomplishments?

For this month?

For this quarter?

For the first half of the year?

How else can you stay motivated?  What will you need to see by when to keep you going?

What resources will you need this month, this quarter and for the first half of the year to get where you want to go?

                             …concludes next week…

The Mastery Model works if you work it and, the more specific you can be with your answers to the questions posed, the more likely you are to stay in the game and win it for your health’s sake.  Do realize that the greatest asset you bring to the table for the people you love the most and the people you serve is your own health and vitality.  Stick with this program and stick with us to make 2013 your very best and very healthiest year ever!!

Let’s Get It Started!

We are committed to helping you reach your health goals this year and want to start by acknowledging the first steps to a new you in this new year.

Most people know what to do to grow their health but simply don’t do it because it isn’t easy.  That’s true…it isn’t easy to turn your health around but the benefits of doing so are enormous…try it–you’ll like it!


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