Turn Resolutions Into Results This Year

New-Years-Resolution-629x395Every year people make resolutions to change the direction that their health has been moving in… and, shortly thereafter, make excuses about how hard lifestyle changes are and the reasons why they can’t, don’t or won’t follow through on the promises they made to themselves.

Well…how about instead of reasons why your resolutions won’t come to fruition, you commit with us to turn those resolutions into reality this year…Let’s start with the basics…

If your health could be perfect for you, what would it look like? (Be as specific as you can possibly be)

What would you consider a good result to be over the next 12 months? What would be an even better result?

And, what would a PERFECT result look like to you?

Then, who could you communicate this vision of future health to that would support you in your quest to be healthier next year than you are this year?

To accomplish your health objectives, it is often necessary to stop something before we start something new.  What would you have to stop doing that you are currently doing that would contribute to your health becoming as you described it?

What will your first action step be?

When will you commit to taking this step?

What’s the next step?

to be continued…

Happy New Year!!!

We truly hope this year has been one of positive transformation for you and that your health has seen positive and progressive growth and development.

We celebrate you and anticipate an even better year of health and happiness for all of us.  Thank you for the privilege of seeing 2013 in with you!!


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