Successful Gluten Free Baking

According to a recent article published by 2ndCousin Media in their Doctors Resource Center, Gluten Free diets are on the rise and there are some simple guidelines for proper gluten free baking.

My apologizes for incorrectly stating that the list of recommendations listed here previously came from author Jeanne Sauvage.  I was informed that the list was not from her and that she would not even recommend many of the items.  In the interest of giving the best advice possible we have removed that list.   For many great ideas and recommendations for gluten free baking visit her site at

While the following grains are not gluten-free, barley, rye, and wheat relatives such as spelt, triticale, and kamut; next week we will provide the resources for types of base flours, thickeners and additives for texture and taste.

In today’s world, being gluten-free is becoming less of a chore and far more mainstream than ever before!

Gluten intolerance in its most significant form is known as CELIAC disease.  But, Celiacs aren’t the only ones who are grateful for the increasing prevalence and availability of gluten-free products.  Athletes, in particular, have taken to the diet.  Some claim to have more energy when they cut out gluten.  So, whether you need to remove gluten from your diet or simply want a more healthful way to eat…it appears that a gluten free approach is a clear winner!

Nutritional Highlights of Healthy Kid Food Choices

Black beans pack the same antioxidant benefits as do cranberries.

Their protein and fiber content help balance blood sugar and provide growing bodies with long-lasting energy.

One cup of black beans supplies about 20% of your child’s daily iron needs.

4 thoughts on “Successful Gluten Free Baking

    • We are sorry for incorrectly listing you as the author of the list that was previously in this post. In an effort to give the best advice we have removed that list and offered a link to your site for correct recommendations on gluten free baking. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause you. Thanks so much for correcting our mistake.

      • Thank you! I appreciate your prompt attention to my request! And thank you for the shout-out! I do have many baking tips on my site that folks can check out if they have gluten-free baking questions. 🙂

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