Nutrient Found to Help with Irritability in Autism

While the precise causes of autism aren’t fully understood, it is safe to say that this problem has exploded among children in the past few decades along with the increasinguse of vaccinations. That aside, developmental, environmental and neurological factors all seem to play a role.

Improper communicationbetween the brain and the body is clearly a culprit and that’s where specific chiropractic shines brightest.  Additionally, imbalances in certain brain neurotransmitters are a focus of research as well, with the goal being to identify and correct these brain chemistry abnormalities in children with autism allowing for normal relationship development and social functioning.

People with autism spectrum disorders are reported to be more irritable than other people. A recent study (Biol Psychiatry 2012;71:956–61) suggests that the dietary supplement N-acetyl cysteine may lessen irritability in children with the disorder.  The study was small, so it makes sense to proceed with caution if you would like your child to try NAC.  Here are some common-sense guidelines:

  1. Chiropractic first
  2. Not everything works well with everyone so be on the lookout for possible adverse effects.
  3. Make one change at a time.  Combining too many therapies may make it difficult to distinguish what is doing what.
  4. Talk with us about how we may help!

Irritable is often used to describe any child who isn’t responding to attempts to comfort or soothe them when they are being fussy.  For children with an autism spectrum disorder, irritability can be a common occurrence, with few options for uncomfortable children or their frustrated parents.  Now parents of children with autism may have some help managing Autism and the irritability with chiropractic and a supplement called N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) respectively.

More Thoughts on the Current Sickcare System:

For my final installment in this brief series, please consider that the dangers to both our health and the economy are real given the present course.  Borrowing our way to prosperity by dumping trillions of dollars into a failed and failing sickcare system is both the path to national bankruptcy and a future nation that continues down a progressively sicker future direction.


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