Brain Health = B+DC

While not Einstein’s famous equation, this one is also worth remembering.

Memory lapses happen to all of us from time to time and, in many cases, occur with increasing frequency as we age.  The good news is there are things that you can easily do to improve memory and brain function now and as you age.

According to an article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published this year (2012), seniors taking folic acid and Vitamin B12 showed improvement in cognitive function as well as both short and long term memory.  So, that’s the “B” in the equation above!

Other common sense approaches include moving more and exercising regularly to improve blood flow and oxygenation of your blood.  Being social and being involved in your community also seem to help along with you proactively managing your overall health and well being.

What’s the “DC” in the equation?  The DC stands for your Doctor of Chiropractic.  By preserving good bone health, good nervous system function and enabling proper muscle system balance, blood flow, oxygenation, optimal cardiac function and improved memory are all positive side benefits of wellness based chiropractic services.  And, while everyone is entitled to take counsel where they see fit, it is often the chiropractor who helps their practice members to an improved overall quality of life.

According to an article published in 2010 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, choosing the right foods can nurture one’s brain.  They make the following suggestions:

  1. Vary 5 or more servings of vegetables and fruits daily along with plenty of water.
  2. Enjoy whole grains while avoiding white and enriched flour.
  3. Have at least 2 servings of fish or seafood weekly.


More Thoughts on the Current Sickcare System:

According to the August 19, 2012 edition of Business Insider, “Our only choice is to either let the current system collapse and then start pondering sustainable alternatives, or begin an honest discussion of sustainable alternatives before sickcare implodes in insolvency.”  Again, just like with your health…what are the alternatives to waiting until problems develop?

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