Spinach Is In The News…In A Good Way

According to a recent report in the June, 2012 edition of Medical News Today, spinach consumption may cut the risk of colon cancer in half!

Current nutrition research considers that colon cancer is largely preventable through lifestyle changes including healthy diet, exercise and smoking cessation.

A relatively recent science known as “Epigenetics” is focused on finding the specific mechanism of food-based nutrients to influence genetic expression helping to prevent many diseases, especially colon cancer.  Further, epigenetics finds that gene expression and cell behavior can be changed by environmental influences.

Researchers from Oregon State University report that spinach consumption neutralizes cancer causing agents in cooked foods to alter cancer stem cells and slash colon cancer risk.

The researchers found that eating spinach can partially offset the damaging effects of many food-induced cancer causing agents.  They found that the leafy greens reduced the incidence of colon tumors almost in half, from 58 percent to 32 percent.

The researchers concluded, “We may be able to restore normal cell function, via diet and healthy life style choices”

While we’re not sure how completely accurate that statement may be since the nervous system controls all function in the body, they are certainly on the right track promoting a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

While spinach was found to exert a powerful effect on gene function to block colon tumor formation, common sense dictates that a varied diet of fresh, uncooked vegetables will yield a health-promoting shield to protect against many forms of cancer and chronic disease.  Now, add in other lifestyle factors like exercise, proper hydration, a positive outlook and a properly functioning nervous system and you have someone working to grow their health…naturally!

Thoughts on the Current Sickcare System:

Sickcare is not a sustainable model and the proof is that the costs continue to go up and the quality of life of Americans continues to go down.  Nothing in the past series of generations that has been tried has succeeded in altering this trend.  As a result, like drug and surgery focused medical practices, the system too will be replaced by something that is sustainable


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