As a Twig is Bent, So Grows the Child

News stories regarding the inability of school-age children to pass physical tests are quite common these days.  One recent survey notes that the percentage of the nation’s school children failing fitness exams is close to %60.  It also indicated that 7 of every 10 children between the ages of 6 and 16 have definite spinal distortions.

You must realize until recent years little attention was given to a youth’s physical dexterity.  And even those with obvious posture defects – the distorted, misshapen, and in some cases, actually handicapped – were looked upon as products of heredity.

Research has pointed out that such defects are not normal but, rather, the fore-runner of many serious spinal disorders of adulthood.  Although heredity is an important factor in the child’s spinal problem, it does not account for more than a small percentage of the spinal disorders.

To the contrary, the neglect of minor falls, sprains and daily incidents in the life of an active child is the major cause of structural spinal disorders.

I believe children should be given spinal check examinations regularly.  If you have a youngster in your family have them checked by a Chiropractor.


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