A Healthy Weight for the NEXT Generation!

I received a lot of feedback and questions after last week’s entry Keeping Unwanted Pounds Off!…keep it coming because weight is something that IS in your control.  And, we are happy to help you…just ask.  And, what has come up perhaps more than any other topic is that excess weight in our children has become increasingly and disturbingly common.

We appreciate the questions and here is some food (no pun intended) for thought.  The truth is that there’s plenty you can do to help your child reach a healthy weight.  It all starts at home, and everyone in the family gets to participate—and benefit from healthier eating.

“People are what they eat” is both a common thought process and a common way of NOT dealing with the weight issue.  What if we changed that to “People only eat what they buy!”

Now, you are back in control.  Buy only the foods that you want your family (particularly, your children) to eat.  If the high starch, high sugar, unhealthy foods don’t make it into the house, your kids will have a harder time eating them.  Make the bulk of their eating options at home, healthy ones.

And… grow into it.  Take baby steps.  Don’t expect to change your family’s way of eating over night.  Instead, exchange one or two unhealthy items from your grocery cart each week for a more wholesome food.  The idea is to gradually move everyone toward a healthier eating pattern.  When it happens over time, they’ll hardly notice…but their health will!

While we may not have all had the same experience when we were children, don’t bring the ways of the past into the present when it comes to eating.  Don’t require your kids to clean their plate.  Instead why not set the example by stopping eating when you are satisfied and then encourage them to do the same.  It’s simply not necessary to feel full after eating.  By the way, if they’re too full to eat their fruits and vegetables, they are too full for desserts and snacks.


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