Cut Healthcare Costs by Promoting Wellness

An article published earlier this year in USA Today found that the dollar talks even when it comes to growing one’s health.

According to the article, workers were more motivated to join and participate in work place wellness programs when there was a financial incentive.

The report mentioned that, “Employees enrolled in workplace wellness programs report reduced personal healthcare costs, most commonly because of fitness center discounts and free preventative screenings…”

Coming to your work place soon because here’s the WOW factor for your employer:

“Survey results show that employers who invest in wellness programs see increased employee retention, attendance, and productivity.  The numbers show that medical costs improve “by an average of $3.27 and absenteeism costs improve by an average of $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness.”

Thus far, large corporations have led the charge but it can’t be long before literally every employer will want in on these cost savings and productivity enhancements.

And, the employees not only loved it, they wanted even more by asking for more on site rather than on line services.

While we’re open to discussing this with your employer, we can never really know how we might be able to help in the work place until we put a pilot program together.

Finally, we are seeing common sense and common cents enter the health care arena and the workplace.  The byproduct is improved health, well being and increased productivity and these are all win-win for the employer, the employee and their families.  It is also the best way to reduce rising health care costs.  Through proper nutrition, ergonomics and chiropractic services, we help employers ensure their employees are healthier, more productive, and working!


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