Pain of Migraine will not “Just Go Away”

Ask any ten people what the five most dangerous words in the English language are and you would probably get ten different answers.

My choice for the five most dangerous words would be: “Maybe it will go away.”

Although some health problems are basically self correcting and will heal themselves with time, there are a great many others that will only get worse with time unless something is done.

Take migraine, for example.

Estimates of the number of migraine sufferers in the United States range from eight (8) to twenty (20) MILLION, depending on whose figures you are studying.

But saying “maybe it will go away in a few years” if you are in your thirties or forties is a negative approach, no matter how optimistic you are of the outcome.  I think if you ask any true migraine sufferer, they will tell you they would rather be rid of their problem NOW.  In many cases of migraine treated by Doctors of Chiropractic, it has been found that the patient is suffering from a misalignment of vertebrae in the neck.

In the case of the nerves which produce the symptoms of migraine, the victim cannot expect to be rid of his or her problem until the irritation to the nerves is removed.  To accomplish this, Chiropractors restore the vertebrae to their proper alignment.  Once this is accomplished, the body can set about healing itself from within and freeing it from the miseries of migraine.


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