Got Migraine Headaches? Did you know that chiropractic can stop your problem, without aspirin or potentially harmful prescription drugs?

Attention Headache Sufferers:

Is There a Solution for Your Migraine Headaches?

Headaches are frequently cited as one of America’s most common health complaints. Unfortunately people race to “pop a pill” to temporarily mask the pain, only to find the problem has not gone away. What is the cause of many headaches? Research is finally catching up to what chiropractic doctors have known for about 100 years – that many headaches are caused by the irritation of the nerves in the neck!

“But I haven’t injured myself.” Are you sure? We have found that this nerve irritation is often the result of a previous injury that the patient was unaware of. Most of my patients have no idea how incredibly fragile the neck is and how many problems emanate from this area including headaches. Are my headaches a result of subluxations? It’s quite possible. The neck is vulnerable to mild jarring which can cause misalignments of the vertebrae in the neck… and this can cause your headache pain. So why are you getting headaches? Picture a traffic jam during rush hour. All those cars trying to travel down the same expressway simultaneously. This happens in the neck. Since the nerves and blood vessels pass through small openings between these vertebrae, a misalignment can substantially reduce the amount of blood and nerve impulses going to your face and brain – and whammo, you get a headache. Not all headaches are caused by neck problems: some are due to lack of sleep, stress, or psychological issues. However even in patients who reported being under extreme stress, we have been successful helping people stop or reduce their headaches after just a few office visits. There truly is no reason to suffer with headaches with the existence of effective chiropractic treatment. It works, it’s all natural, it’s vastly cheaper than prescription drugs (which only hide the problem, not solve it).

If you have a loved one who complains of headaches, I hope you give serious consideration to seeking an all-natural non-invasive chiropractic solution.

Interested in learning more about how chiropractic can help stop headache pain? Call (309) 692-6800 today. We’re here to help!

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