If you or your loved ones have allergies… Vitamin E has been shown to help!

I treat many of my patient’s children. Heavy backpacks, sports, rough-housing, and slumped posture in front of the TV for hours on end can lead to frequent back problems in our little ones… just like it can for us adults. Yes, children getting adjusted is very beneficial and is the wave of the future. Since the spine controls the health, balance and functioning of the body,  we find that one nice side-effect of childhood adjusting is that allergies are often reduced in a child! It still amazes me how often this happens.

Well it has also been found that certain vitamins are helping to reduce allergies. One of the best allergy-fighters of all is… Vitamin E. While I am always quite skeptical when a company claims their pill is the latest cure-all, it is a recent study that has gotten my attention. This study on Vitamin E was conducted by the leading British Journal, The Lancet. When someone experiences allergy symptoms, their body releases an allergy-related antibody called IgE. In this study, 2,000 people were given vitamin E and then their level of IgE was measured.

What were the results? It was found that an increase in vitamin E resulted in a decrease of IgE. What was really interesting was that for each one-milligram of vitamin E taken, the amount of the allergy-related antibody declined by five percent! This means that there was a direct link between taking Vitamin E and a decrease in allergies. That’s great news, for many of my patients and their children who suffer with allergies.

How to take positive action on this advice: I suggest a two part approach. First, if you or your child are suffering with allergy symptoms, you might find great benefit from getting a chiropractic adjustment for the reasons stated previously. Second, switch to a multivitamin that contains vitamin E and/or  start taking a Vitamin E supplement daily. We believe chiropractic provides a powerful solution to overall health and wellness that doesn’t revolve around popping pills every day! We’ve seen patients lives transformed with our approach.

We’re here to help make you the healthiest person you can be.

Just call if you have questions or need a quick tune up…


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