Ask the Doctor: I have been feeling great since I started chiropractic but… is chiropractic appropriate for children?

I’m glad you ask, because this is a very common question amongst patients. When a patient sees me working with a small child, they often ask me, “Is Chiropractic Important for Children?” A patient usually finds my office because they were in pain or were referred. Since most patients typically only come in when the need arises, it seems a foreign concept that children would be adjusted… so as to prevent future problems.

The spine and your child

   Every child needs a healthy spine column because it’s the framework that will support your child during the years their body develops and grows. Children today are also more active than ever before with: swim lessons; soccer; clubs and leagues, etc., keeping our little ones constantly on the go, and increasing the wear and tear on their bodies.

Chiropractic and new born infant?

   Childbirth is traumatic to the infant body!  Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. author of Confessions of a Medical Heretic writes that babies born in the hospital are…

6x’s more likely to suffer distress during labor and delivery

8x’s more likely to get caught in the birth canal

4x’s more likely to need resuscitation

4x’s more likely to become infected

30x’s more likely to be permanently injured

In a German medical journal it was found that of the reported infant problems, 95% of these children had some sort of spinal problem. Chiropractors who treat children can tell you that “sickly” children become healthy children after being adjusted. This is a regular experience for most of us. This is the reason every chiropractor adjusts their own children.

The gift of a strong beginning

   One of the greatest gifts you can give to your child is the gift of a strong beginning. If you’ve never considered the role chiropractic might play in the lives of your children, please consider it. The next time you come for an appointment, why not bring your child and I can quickly evaluate the possible benefits. If you have any other questions, please contact my office. We’re here to help!


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