Once you’ve attained great gains from chiropractic, here’s how to “maintain it” through “maintenance”!

Dentists who recommend teeth cleanings understand the power of maintenance. Car enthusiasts also understand the power of maintenance via oil changes. A good dentist can prolong the “life” of teeth with proper maintenance, and a car can be run indefinitely with correct upkeep maintenance.

Ironically, the same people who religiously change their car oil every 3 months on an inanimate object often recoil at the thought of giving their one and only spine a tune up! In a few years the concept of maintenance will be main stream. But there is still some misunderstanding to the benefits of maintenance:

Prevent Pain! Last month I wrote about back pain that seems to strike without notice. You learned that pain rarely just strikes accidentally. Pain builds up until finally the body screams for help. Spine Maintenance can prevent this in over 90% of the cases! You can keep running your car without changing the oil, but eventually you’ll grind it into the ground. The same applies to keeping your spine healthy.

Prevent Disease! We covered this in our cover story this issue. With Spine Maintenance you liberate your body’s ability to heal itself. Spinal maintenance showers upon you so many health benefits!

Increase Your Energy! In a recent survey, 4 out of 5 adults said they suffered low energy levels. Low energy has reached epidemic levels. People site a lack of energy for marriage failure, lack of job promotion, and lack of passion in their daily lives. Spinal Maintenance causes dramatic increases in personal energy and vitality. Every cell radiates their happiness, when blockages are removed.

How to maintain your spine: The price of maintaining your spine costs less than changing your car oil. Yet look at all the benefits that Spinal Maintenance provides. Chiropractors generally agree that a monthly “maintenance” program works best. For more information or to learn more, please contact my office. I promise, you’ll feel much better when you maintain your body. If you have questions, please call, we’re here to help!


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