The Power of Fish: New research shows why eating fish is a great way to stay healthy!

Why is every nutritionist raving about the health benefits of eating fish?  The first reason is the omega-3 fatty acids found in abundance in fish. What is the benefit of omega-3 fatty acids? Harvard and others have documented that omega-3 is associated with a lowered risk for heart disease!  What are the healthiest fish to eat? It is generally agreed that cold water fish are packed with omega-3’s, including these types of fish:

Salmon (fresh water)



Lake trout

Sardines (yuck!)

I’ve recently read some controversy over “farm raised fish.”  It was claimed that farm raised fish were not healthy. However, there is currently no proof that this is true. (I’ll continue to monitor this, in case new information becomes available.) The second reason to eat fish… is because it might make you emotionally happier. There is new evidence published in the American Journal of Psychiatry that suggests an omega-3 acid called “E-EPA” prevents clinical depression. Six of 10 patients taking a fish-oil supplement noted a 50% reduction in their depression levels.  Combining chiropractic with a great diet is the path to a disease free life. Eat fish for good health – and it might just put a smile on your face!

We’re here to help make you the healthiest person you can be.

Just call if you have questions or need a quick tune up…


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