Chiropractic: Kids and Chiropractic

An article in The New England Journal of Medicine stated that over 20 million babies and children visit a chiropractor each year (1988). It is almost certain that these numbers have increased and will continue to grow as more families are becoming interested in allowing the body to heal on its own, through restoration of proper function.

It is commonly believed that a lack of symptoms implies that a child is well. Actually a child is ill before becoming symptomatic. Absence of symptoms does not imply wellness. An infection is opportunistic. When the child is ill, it is easy for an organism to produce an infection within his body.

When a medication, or even a “natural” remedy is used, it merely “gets you over the hump”, but does not restore normal function to the body. An antibiotic will kill the offending organism. But an antibiotic will not restore wellness to the individual. Medication can cover the symptoms – hiding the fact that the immune system is depressed. Chiropractic restores normal function, allowing the body to fight infection on it’s own – to heal itself.


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