Since I’ve been coming to your office, I’ve been feeling better. But how exactly does chiropractic work to reduce/stop back pain?

I get a lot of patients who were in chronic pain and told by their primary care physician that they really had no other option other than surgery. In many cases, we have been able to get these patients fully recovered and out of pain, without needles, drugs, or surgery. Needless to say, they’re the ones very excited about chiropractic! But often because we get so busy, a patient might be feeling great… but might not really understand why chiropractic is working for them. Thus this article!   People think chiropractic is new. But it’s not. Records show that spinal manipulation can be traced back to the time of Hippocrates. Studies show that 80% of the American population will suffer back pain at some point. So this is a big problem and chiropractic offers a solution that has been around for thousands of years. In recent years the medical community has embraced chiropractic because it offers treatment without the use of drugs or surgery. In treating low back slipped discs, most experts agree that conservative care should be tried before surgery is considered. That’s what chiropractic offers. It has a long history of effectively stopping back, neck, and shoulder pain yet doesn’t require a trip to the hospital or recovery time.

Why does chiropractic work? Chiropractic eliminates something called a Subluxation. What is a Subluxation? A subluxation is the term we use to describe what happens when a vertebrae goes out of its normal position. What happens when you have a spinal subluxation? Three negative things can and do occur:  1. Nerve flow drops! Did you know that only 40 millimeters of pressure on the nerve for only 5 minutes causes a 60% reduction in nerve flow? That is quite a lot. Especially when you consider that ideally you want to be at 100% yet you’re less than half of that! 2. Ever hear of a condition called arthritis? When a subluxation exists there could eventually be an arthritic change that develops around the area where the vertebrae is out of position. 3. Permanent damage can occur. We call this a degenerative change. When a nerve dies, it is dead forever. It can’t be fixed. Thus, the aim of chiropractic is to reduce and get rid of these subluxations so these things don’t occur!

If you or someone you know has back pain (and your pain has lasted for more than 2 weeks), please seek a professional. We’re here to help. If you have questions, please call!


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