It might surprise you to know that whiplash can be effectively treated (without surgery) with chiropractic!

According to a major insurance company, 1 in 6 American’s will be involved in a car accident within the next 36 months. Isn’t that just absolutely staggering? Recently we’ve been treating a number of whiplash cases because chiropractic has been shown to be the #1 most effective treatment for whiplash related injuries.

I thought all my patients knew that. Until one day recently when a patient, told me they had been in a rather serious accident and had a horrible experience in the hospital emergency room. When I told her that we treat whiplash cases almost every day, she looked at me with a stunned look and said: “How come you never told me that?”

I realized that I needed to educate my patients via this article because I assumed it was well known. Well I assume no longer! I now realize that many people don’t realize the role that chiropractic can play in whiplash injury.

   How effective is chiropractic in treating whiplash? In a recent study, it was shown that chiropractic was the only effective treatment for auto injury related whiplash. It was the only treatment that seemed to have both an immediate and long term positive effect on patients. Chiropractic is all-natural, costs 90% less than surgery, and has no side effects. In short, it is nature’s “perfect” treatment with a big upside, and really no downside to speak of.

If someone you know is suffering with whiplash, please help us spread the word that chiropractic can help! If you or someone you know have been in an auto accident and have been advised that surgery is the only answer or you’ve been given pain killers and told to “take 3 until the pain goes away” then please call me for a second opinion. The good news is that many of our patients have gotten completely out of pain and been able to avoid surgery through the power of chiropractic. Call me at (309) 692-6800, we’re here to help! Often there is NO COST for the initial exam.


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