Here’s a question that you’ve privately wondered… Is Chiropractic Safe and Worthwhile for Our Kids?

Let me be blunt here. No sane child likes going to the doctor. But chiropractic has been shown to be beneficial to children in many different ways. And I can promise them they’ll never suffer through a shot in the arm at a chiropractor’s office:) Seriously, most think that only adults in back pain ever see chiropractors. However this perception is starting to change across the country.

Did you know that one of the fastest growing areas of chiropractic, is a field called pediatric chiropractic? This is the specialty of working with children from a chiropractic perspective. In my own practice, we frequently adjust young children and often when the adult patient comes in they also bring their kids in for a treatment.

Here are the benefits of chiropractic on children: 

1.        Keep active children who play sports injury-free

2.        Prevent strain on the back due to excessive backpack weight

3.        To have a more calm, focused, relaxed child. In fact there is mounting evidence that chiropractic can reduce some of the symptoms of ADHD! (More on this later)

4.        To improve your child’s well being

5.        Chiropractic has been shown to reduce/eliminate some allergies

6.        Chiropractic has been effective in reducing earaches in children

A new study was released recently showing that children with behavioral problems are at much greater risk for getting lower back pain. Researchers examined 1,000 schoolchildren between the ages of 11-14. They found that those who had behavioral problems, as well as those that repeatedly complained of other symptoms such as headaches and sore throats, were more likely to get lower back pain. (From the April 4, 2003 edition of Pediatrics Magazine.)

If you have a child who suffers from lower back pain, or who constantly seems to get sick, even those labeled as ADHD, you should give serious consideration to seeking a chiropractor. Let them know your child’s symptoms and your concerns. You might be surprised what chiropractic can do for your child. We’re here to help!


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